Our Big Day

The Big Day started with sun, but we had a little rain on our way to the courthouse from Flå to Hønefoss. But as they say, it was truly a sign of good luck for our perfect wedding.

We drove to Noresund after the ceremony, where we stopped to take pictures by the great oak, "Old Master", with Villa Fridheim in the background. One of these pictures ended up on our thank you cards we sent out. 

Then we took our wedding entourage on a tour of Krøderen with the charming M / S Kryllingen. We fuelled ourselves up with snacks, wine and soft drinks. The sun had then returned, so the 2 hour long trip on the water was absolutely beautiful. Excellent service, a wonderful host and a super trip.

Villa Fridheim was our next and final stop on the "wedding procession". Here we started with a one hour tour, where everybody could look around in all corners of the incredible "fairytale castle". It was very exciting for the little ones. The premises were so large and impressive, it was almost a shame to have such small company like we had. The service was excellent here, too, and the food was absolutely delicious!

The day went just as we wanted; a small intimate wedding with only our closest family present, with a lovely boat ride followed by a delicious dinner in stunningly beautiful surroundings. - Perfect!

We didn't have a professional photographer, but we were quite pleased with the pictures that our guests took - they all turn out good in surroundings like this! We could not be happier with our choice!