Party at the Doctor's Manor!

Mark and Erin had an entire weekend of activities at Sole Hotel where all their guests stayed. They had a wonderful time and here you can read about it.

When we were planning our wedding, it was soon clear that we both wanted to gather family and friends for an entire weekend. That had us looking for a place that could offer accommodation to all of our guests, beautiful venues for both dinner and a party, and a nice outdoor area where we could have our humanist ceremony. 

When we arrived at Sole Hotel we realized right away that we had found the perfect place. The hotel is absolutely beautiful with a big lawn down toward Krøderen. We were greeted with such hospitality and professionalism from the people who worked there. It was also a safe driving distance from the Oslo area, where both the bride and groom and many of the guests lived. 

We invited our guests for a barbecue night and activities in the large garden on Friday, which gave us the perfect opportunity to rest and relax with family and friends. On Saturday the bride and best man had a visit from the hairdresser to get them looking sharp for the big day. The ceremony was conducted in the garden, in a light-version of the pavilion where we had views out over the glittering water. Celina Jokerud, who is from the area, enchanted us with her beautiful singing, while the bride's cousin played the bridal march on saxophone.

We were served a wonderful dinner in the great hall, and it was full-on party in the bar afterwards. The night ended with a moonlight swim for the toughest guys at 3:30. The groom jumped in while the bride contented herself with watching :) On Sunday we met for breakfast before everyone went home at their own pace. Add up good weather all weekend, and 75 lovely, festive guests and you have the recipe for a perfect weekend!

When we planned the wedding, there was never a "no" or "we must do this" from the hotel. They adapted all the details to our desires, and shared their experiences from previous weddings to help us make ours perfect.

Every part of the weekend went perfectly without us needing to involve ourselves, and everything that we agreed on was carried out discreetly and professionally. It was quite obvious that weddings are something they can pull off well at Sole.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sole Hotel for anyone wanting a dream wedding, and we hope that other bridal couples are given the opportunity to experience  a weekend like we had. 

- Mark & Kine

Photo: Kalle Hägglund