Dream Wedding in the old Doctor Farm

Tine has one of our favorite images from photo contest with the Wedding Magazine. Read her story here

We got married at Sole Hotel at the old Doctor Farm on Saturday, October 5, 2013.
We had long decided that the wedding would be outdoors no matter the weather. 
Odd, that helped us plan the wedding, gave us a funny smile when we told him this.
It looked bad when the day came. The rain poured down. And it hurt a little right in the heart to know that we hadn't come up with a backup plan for the ceremony. It was supposed to start at 13. MS Kryllingen was going to transport my father and I, so it was waiting for us at the church just beyond the hotel at 12. We boarded the boat and as we sat down together, the sun came out. My father, who was already slightly sensitive, was touched by the sudden change and had to take a trip out on the deck to hide his tears and soak it all in. And after that, the sun was with us all day. We had our ceremony at the platform at the hotel. The view, the ceremony and the image that we captured can not be explained with words, only those who were there can understand how beautiful it was. Krøderfjorden showed its loveliest side. It looked like someone sprinkled glitter over the water. The sun warmed our bodies and our hearts that day. We ended up having a summer wedding on an autumn day.