3 Days on End

So finally our weekend had come. The weekend we had looked forward to for so long. It was decided early on that we would have a mountain wedding for three days on end, celebrating at Norefjell.

We have a cottage in Eggedal and we fell for the place after many years of great experiences.

Friday afternoon, all the guests arrived at Quality Spa & Resort on a beautiful fall day with a completely blue sky. Most sat down on the terrace with a glass of wine in the sun. A perfect start to a great weekend!

In the evening we met all the guests for a casual get together in the hotel's afterski venue: B52. There they served delicious tapas, and the couple had made a little quiz with questions about the bride and groom.

Saturday morning was the big communal breakfast for all guests in the hotel. The weather was a bit overcast, or absolutely perfect for our outdoor photo shoot according to our photographer who was going to be following us all day.

All the guests were transported over to Eggedal with a major chartered bus with a Norwegian flag! I was going to get ready in the hotel before driving over for the ceremony. 

On the way down to the church I was informed that I had to linger a little since the power had gone out in the village so the ceremony had to be postponed a little. After half an hour, the priest realized that this could take some time, so she suggested that the guests could hum Mendelson's bridal march. Instead of lights, they lit candles in the church, too. This was a perfect and unexpected change that neither the bridal couple or their guests will ever forget.

After the ceremony we had a photo shoot in the mountains, where we took lots of pictures with the great autumn weather.
In the meantime, the guests headed over to Tempelsetra where the wedding party was going to be. There they served the most delicious cured meat you can imagine, and Hanne Hønes' Rosé and beer for those who wanted it.
The newlyweds arrived at Tempelsetra and went straight into the fun. Then it was off with the Bunad national costume and on with wedding dress and matching suit for the groom.

We sat at the table just after our schedule, which was carefully planned with Tone (chief of Tempelsetra) and our Toastmaster. There we served the world's best venison, homemade creamed potatoes, mushroom stew ... yes absolutely perfect food. Our guests are still talking about it!
During dinner, the groom was surprised with the opera singer, Marius Roth Christensen, who traveled all the way from Tonsberg to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone".

After a delicious homemade dessert, there was coffee, pastries and dancing until the late night hours.

Guests were again picked up by bus and driven back to Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell. The bridal couple spent their wedding night in a great suite with a bathtub in the bedroom.
The next morning, everyone shared one last meal together before leaving.

This was an amazing weekend for us, and it wasn't just us who enjoyed it... Our guests are still talking about our wonderful mountain wedding!

Tempelsetra was the most perfect place to celebrate a wedding. They were incredibly professional from the start, and we are so very pleased that we chose this place that felt right from the beginning! They arranged everything so well both when it came to the actual event, and the food and wine menu!

Thanks to all of you who helped make our weekend completely unforgettable.

Tonje og Claes