My Fairy Tale Wedding

After a magical wedding ceremony, we were greeted by the Kryllingen waiting to carry all of us across the fjord to Ringnes Farm.

They served baguettes and wine on board, and everyone enjoyed the tour. It was absolutely wonderful to see the sun break through and gaze out at the water to see the mountains reflection. 

Ringnes Farm is a majestic sight in the foothills of the mountain surrounded by green forest and a beach. A trip by horse and carriage brought the bride and groom to the farm. Ringnes Farm is the perfect setting for an unforgettable and adventurous wedding. Cosy outside area and plenty of room to roam around. There were so many incredible backdrops for our photos, too. The photographer came with us from church to Ringnes and gave us a book of pictures to cherish our wonderful memories.

The kids loved to run around in the grass and explore the old buildings and charming rooms.
The staff gave us top-notch service and provided the guests with an unforgettable dining experience.
Family and close friends stayed in nice rooms on the farm, and the bridal couple stayed in the old romantic Stuge. Beautifully decorated! 

The morning after, we all gathered for a long breakfast where we enjoyed a cup of coffee outdoors in the sunshine. 
A perfect ending to a perfect wedding.

Absolutely unforgettable!

Sincerely,  Lin