Wonderful, Wedding Memories

Sole Hotel gave us a magical day filled with cherished memories.

Guests were transported from Olberg Church with the Kryllingen so we had time to use Sole Hotel and it's great lawn and dock for wedding pictures. 

Guests took a trip outside Villa Fridheim so they could see it from the inlet side.
We were even carried from the church by horse and carriage. This was the icing on the cake for our perfect day. A little more old-fashioned means of transport than we are used to in modern society, which made for a perfect and charming wedding experience in the village.

Our day was just amazing !!

The food was praised by all 60 of our guests and the amazing service as well. Most of our guests also stayed at the hotel and they had raving reviews. 

Several of the guests from the west part of the country have made the trip to Krødsherad again to stay at Sole Hotel. 

We also stayed at Sole for our wedding night, and on a scale of 1 to 10, they definitely get a 10 from us! 

Sincerely, Cathrine