Romance on the Countryside

A day we will never forget thanks to the Wedding Village!

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Romance in Sigdal

It was a cold and windy Easter Sunday in Alta. We had traveled from Oslo to celebrate Easter with Lars Mattis' family in the north. After a few days of too much Easter candy, we wanted a little fresh air and movement with cross-country skiing over Finnmarksvidda. The goal was Reinbukkelvhytta. With Solo and packed lunches in our backpacks, we pushed ourselves forward through dense fog, biting snow and headwinds. Our joy of being able to take the trip kept us happy despite the weather. There are few places that make me happier than Finnmark, and it felt very exotic to be alone on the plateau. Lars Mattis was also very excited, but it wasn't because of where we were... He was carrying a flashing diamond ring in the cylinder head on the bag.

When we reached the ski lodge, I popped open the box of Solo and my packed lunch.
Lars Mattis looked for matches to light the candles, and he seemed happy that we had the tourist lodge all to ourselves. As I was eating lunch, I told him how happy I was to be in Finnmark, and that we were able to experience such incredible trips like this together. Before I could hear his reply, Lars Mattis was on one knee! I said yes, and was over the moon entire ski trip home.

On June 11th the following year, it was a bright and lovely summer day, with clear skies for a perfect wedding. The day we had been waiting for. I started the morning with my two witnesses in Oslo, while my groom-to-be was ready in Sigdal. The ceremony took place in the beautiful, little Vatnås church. As co-owners of the church with a special bond to it as well, this was a natural choice.

Over 100 excited guests from Alta and Oslo filled up the church. The minister entertained the guests with amusing stories from the local community until I was standing ready to walk down the aisle. The talented fiddler, Steinar Power, went ahead and played the Bridal March from Lødingen. The ceremony was filled with laughter, personality and lots of love. The groom played "Because I love you" on piano and my girlfriend, Rita, sang. The rest of the ceremony was like a dream. Fizzy drinks and strawberries were awaiting the happy newlyweds outside the church, and a family friend picked us up by horse and carriage. With rattling tin cans in tow we were ushered down a gravel road with the flashes of photos being taken by the guests.

The party was held at the wonderful Sole Hotel by Krøder'n. I have a lot of family in the area, and with all of them present, the beautiful weather and surroundings at the hotel, it was the perfect setting for our party. When we came back from our wedding photo shoot, we were greeted by our guests with a rose petal shower and lots of cheers. Then the cake was carried out, and we took our first slice as husband and wife.

The dinner was a big party with humorous speeches and lovely dining. The toastmasters and speakers ensured a good atmosphere with lots of laughs. After dinner, the band played the bridal waltz, and we got swept across the parquet to "Here Comes the Sun ". The bar opened and then the party really kicked off. With ties and dresses askew, the young and old turned out on the dance floor.

The next day we had shared a nice brunch and then played games in the garden together. With the view of Krøderfjorden and the sun dancing on the water, it was a perfect ending to our celebration. Lars Mattis and I traveled off to our honeymoon tired and happy. That day was all we could have hoped for and more, and the Wedding Village truly gave us what we would call a real magical wedding!

- Julie og Lars Mattis