Three Magical Days

Read about Guro and Nils' wedding where their water skiing picture was one of the winning images in the Bridal Magazine Photo Contest 2014.

A magical and breathtaking fairy tale! 

Despite the fact that the groom is from the "gentle south" there was no doubt that we would celebrate our big day in the Wedding Village!

We had 4 goals: A celebration rich in tradition, lasting memories for us and our guests, a little touch of us in every detail and a good party until the early morning. 

The possibilities for a perfect venue were endless! We considered Ringnes Farm, Villa Fridheim and Sole Hotel for our celebration. With 140 guests on the list, our choice fell on Sole. We loved the breathtaking view of the park down to the fjord and they could provide everything we were looking for. 

The plan was all set with Sole and the invitations were almost in the mail, when the bride woke up on February 1 and realized that she would like to celebrate the big day on the farm where she grew up. Little did we all know the work involved with such a choice as we stood and nodded our heads to the plan. Luckily we were early - Sole acted very professionally and understandingly when we unfortunately canceled the wedding weekend. Not only that, but Sole has been very helpful with organizing our day. 

After many hours of preparation the weekend finally arrived! Visitors stayed in the apartments on Norefri, and on Friday a total of 60 guests came to the barbecue on Storesand. The weather gods seemed indifferent to us at first, but when the weekend came, they were on our side! After a record hot summer it was cold the whole week until Friday. The wind died down, the rain stopped and the sun finally came out. The bride and groom left the party early and stayed at Sole, while the guests took the opportunity to get to know and enjoy themselves around the fire.

The sun was shining as it drizzled slightly on Saturday morning. There were butterflies in our stomachs. The bride, maid of honor, sister and photographer had a visit from the traveling barber at Sokna before continuing the journey to Olberg church where the ceremony took place. The program of the ceremony was a surprise from the bride to the groom, and the priest and sexton showed great flexibility!

The psalms in the program were written by Jørgen Moe who was a priest in the village and also built the Olberg church in his time. The soloists, guitarist and piano player were local which made a very special atmosphere in the church that our guests are still talking about.

The journey continued from the church in a borrowed old sports car (a Panther for those who are interested). We spent a lot of time considering where we wanted to take wedding photos with the countless options both in the village, the rivers, the mountains and from the bay (and probably many other places). We ended up at Storesand and a farm and field.
We wanted to make a traditional farm wedding with local food and drink, forging the knot with a blacksmith, a traditional fiddle player and self-made decorations and props.

When we arrived at the farm, the bride and her mother went to the storehouse to change into the bridal Bunad from the village and crown from Ringnes Farm. It was a dignified and solemn experience. The bride's father rang the dinner bell which brought out the bride and welcomed the guests. Then the entire wedding party followed the fiddlers with the couple at the helm, and then the blacksmith forged the knot.

After that,  the Toastmaster took command of the night by firing 4 shots with a shotgun. It was time to go to the table and the guests had to find their place two-by-two by solving a quiz. The bridegroom's father had turned tealight holders into placecards as a gift for each guest. The beer that was served for starters was brewed by the groom himself. We hired a chef from the village who made a lovely barbecue buffet for the main course with grilled lamb hand picked the same week from the neighboring farm, moose hunted by the bride's father, and also mountain trout and chicken with delicious side dishes. The dessert was berries from the village and cakes baked by our guests.