Blaafarveværket is located in a beautiful, scenic area, making the perfect backdrop to your wedding.

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In 1772, cobalt ore was discovered in Skuterud. This would prove to be the foundation of the largest industrial company in the 1800s: Blaafarveværket. Today, we are a living museum that offers art exhibitions, mine tours and large parks for learning and recreation.
We offer venues for celebrating your big day in an historical setting. Our biggest hall, "The Glass Cabin" from 1779, is a remarkably beautiful half-timbered building with an open roof, brick walls and candles providing a warm, historic atmosphere. The Glass Cabin can accommodate up to 300 guests. The large park areas by the Simoa river, Haug waterfall and Nyfossum will be the perfect setting for the ceremony. 
If you really want to experience the special surroundings, you can have your ceremony in selected cobalt mines on the property. Here it is possible to celebrate your day in the Scheide house or Croatian mine. With their rustic charm, both locales make for out-of-the-ordinary celebrations.
The ceremony can take place inside the open pit, down in the mines or up on a fur pile with a unique view of Tyrifjord. The area has endless possibilities with only your imagination as a boundary.  
The venues can hold up to 70 guests

You're welcome to add other activities for your guests as well. We offer historical tours, guided tours through the mines and visits to art exhibitions with or without a guide.

We have a private kitchen that offers fine traditional, homemade food with various festive menus you can choose from.

Please contact our booking for openings and help with tailoring your wedding or event. 

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