Eggedal Church

Witness this beautifully decorated and restored Baroque-style church in Eggedal.

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Eggedal Church, from 1878, is notched up of timber and paneled from the foundation walls of undressed stone and has 300 seats.

It is beautifully decorated with old baroque furniture and is definitely worth a visit.

The church has a rectangular nave and narrow choir. The church was somewhat rebuilt and the interior changed during the 1940s to bring part of the preserved and valuable inventory from the old church, which was located at Hovland in Eggedal, to use in the new church and give the interior more signs of old church.

The choir and the nave is of wood, and the chancel screen was reconstructed from the old church.

The choir was painted and decorated by Carsten Lien, who also decorated the chapel next to the church.


Pastor Lise Wold Kleven
Borgerstua, 3350 Prestfoss
Tlf: 32 71 14 44