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Flå Church was consecrated on September 15, 1858. It replaced the old stave church that stood somewhere else in the village of Ve. The church was designed by urban manager in Christiania (old Oslo) by Christian Heinrich Grosch, a prolific man who built 78 churches around the country! Flå and Nes were then one parish, and it was agreed that the Flå needed a church before Nes, which came four years after in 1862.

They had a big 150th anniversary here in 2008, with solemn worship and gathering for the villagers at school afterwards.

The church is beautifully situated at the southern entrance of Flå. It seats about 300 people and was expanded with a baptismal waiting room and toilet in the beginning of the 1980s. Around the church lies a neatly maintained cemetery with 1,290 plots. Just a stone's throw away, we have the town hall and parish house.

Inside the church we see the altarpiece from 1914 with the motif of Jesus in Gethsemane, painted by Axel Ender in 1914. The text below the altarpiece says «Not my will, but yours» (Luke 22.42) To the right of the choir door hangs the Communion picture from the old stave church. It was painted in 1736, and was cleaned and restored for the 150th anniversary in 2008.

The Bible under glass showcase in front of the pulpit is even older; it is Christian IV's bible and was printed in Copenhagen in 1633. It was a gift for the 100th anniversary.

The church hall was beautifully painted by master painter Sigmund Haraldseth, while the distinctive cassette ceiling of the choir was painted by the valley's most famous painter of all time, Halvor Lindahl. New exit doors were acquired in 2008, created by Ulsaker Trevare. Most of the other furnishings in the church were made possible thanks to private donations.