Haglebu Mountain Church

If you're looking for a church in the middle of the church of nature, Haglebu is your perfect choice.

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Haglebu Church is stunningly situated at Grantangen under Haglebunatten mountain, where Norwegian forces fought one of the last battles of occupied Norway on April 26, 1945.

The church was built in 1980, as a square church with 150 seats. The walls of Haglebu Mountain Church are made from 20 tons of stone.
The natural materials help blur the lines of where church and nature meet.

"A church in the middle of the church of nature" was how Bishop Håkon Andersen described the newly built Haglebu Mountain Church when it was inaugurated on August 24, 1980.

Haglebu Mountain Church was constructed by rural folk in the area. The church is owned and operated by the Haglebu Mountain Church Foundation. The main source of income for the Foundation is their annual flea market, which has been the "event of the year" in Haglebu since it started in 1975.

The church has the shape of four squares of different sizes, which are linked together. Unlike most churches, Haglebu is not tall or prestigious, but rests modestly at one with nature at the foot of a hill. The walls grow up from the ground in rough-hewn natural stone bearing pyramidal roofs on top. The interior of the church is decorated in the simplest manner with bright woodwork. The light passes through the long narrow windows that form the transition between the walls and eaves through a "smoke vent". The church bell hangs in a freestanding tower. (Source: Sigdal and Eggedal Museum)

Haglebu Mountain Church has become a popular place for weddings, and can be rented by arrangement.



Please contact Gry Buhaug (leader) by phone at 977 38 115 or email at gry.buhaug@ebnett.no