Olberg Church

Experience the grandeur of generations of tradition at a church with roots from the 14th century.

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Olberg Church is located off Hwy 7 next to Noresund. Coming from Oslo, it's the church on the left hand side just before you reach Noresund center. There has been a church at Olberg since 1347, so there is an incredible sense of history there. The present church was consecrated on October 19, 1859. Jørgen Moe, who was then a priest in the village, began the enormous endeavor of building a new church. Unfortunately, the original stave church was in such poor condition, that they had to rebuild due to insufficient maintenance. Luckily, the baptismal font, pulpit, painting and altarpiece to the right of the choir were all saved from the original church. The altarpiece "Jesus' baptism" was painted by Azel Ducks in 1878. Four stained glass windows in the choir were created by Emanuel Vigeland in 1917. The chandelier is from 1900, and the nave from 1878.


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