Forging the Knot

An old wedding tradition with roots from the times of Vikings.

  • Outdoor mountain

Through a stylish yet simple and dignified ceremony, Norheim's blacksmith, Eyvind, will symbolically, yet very realistically, "forge" the bridal couple together in marriage. "Forging the knot" isn't a marriage ritual, but rather an affirmation of the promise the bride and groom have given each other.

Bridal figurines of pure steel are linked by a chain of two hearts which are forged together in unity. Bride and groom hold the figures, while the blacksmith welds the hearts together. This symbolizes a bond that is easy to forge, but painful to break.

A wedding is in many ways a special occasion not only for the couple but also for their family and friends who will take part in and be part of the ceremony.

The bride and groom can create their own unique experience of the Norwegian way of "tying the knot" for all of their guests to see.


Norheims blacksmith, Øyvind Klausen,
Fyresdal, 3870 Fyresdal

Telephone: +47 97 06 98 90