Våtnås Church

Get married in an ancient church with royal and legendary beginnings!

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Vatnås Church, from 1665, is notched up by timber as a small cruciform church located on Gren Forest approximately 20 kilometers south of Sigdal's main church. The so-called Olav Spring, is about 100 meters northeast of the church. It is said that this water source has healing properties and that it never runs dry. Vatnås church has one of the most beautiful and colorful interiors in the country. Its richly decorated altarpiece, pulpit and baptismal font are all in their original condition.

Legends about Vatnås church: The time King Olav went around the country to introduce the Christian faith, he also came to Sigdal. When he had christened the people of the valley, he went hunting with some of his followers.

On the hunting trip, the king and his men became quite lost. At last, the king came to a narrow valley where he was both thirsty and tired. He dismounted his horse and made a promise that if he found water there, he would build a church on site. No sooner had he said it, and water spilled out of the side of the rock.

The king and his men were joyous and drank to their hearts' content. King Olav repeated his promise and was about to ride on when he saw a grouse. He stretched his bow and aimed at the bird, but at the same he saw a small church of pure gold. Now the king said that they would erect a church exactly at that spot, and call it Vatnås church. In the mountains at the spring, you can still see traces of King Olav's horse.


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