Vestre Spone Church

A charming, wooden chapel on the countryside

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The church is just off county road 148, which runs on the west side of Drammenselva from Åmot to Snarum. From the south: Follow Highway 35 towards Åmot / Vikersund / Hønefoss. Pull off Åmot N, follow the arrow towards Blaafarveværket / Sigdal. Drive down to the river, cross the bridge, and drive a few hundred meters more. Turn right towards Vestre Spone. From here it is about 6 km to the church. It is located on the right side of the road.
Vestre Spone is a wooden church from 1880. The church was built as a chapel at the Amundrud farm. The interior was renewed in 1930, including the altarpiece by Anders Kongsrud. There is good wheelchair access as well.

Telephone: 32 78 32 30  
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Mon-Fri 9-14