Horse-drawn carriage

For a truly stately wedding ride we recommend Gjeldokk horse center to bring your fairy tale to life.

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Gjerdokk is among the best in Norway when it comes to horse-drawn wedding carriages. It is an unforgettable experience for everyone to see the bride and groom arriving in a landau carriage with stately horses at the head.

Gjeldokk is at the bridal couple's disposal throughout the day. Often before the ceremony, the father and the bride are taken to church alone to steal a few minutes for themselves and calm their nerves a bit. The trip to the church always has a closed carriage so the bride cannot be seen.

After church, the carriage takes the couple either to the wedding venue or eventually to the photographer.

Sometimes it may be a bit far from the church to the reception location. In those cases, the couple can be picked up at the church and driven to the photographer while the horses and carriage are driven closer to the reception so that the couple can still arrive to the party with the horses.
Their services run for weddings in both winter and summer, all with the enchanting landau carriages which make for incredible photos.
Either 2 or 4 horses can be used in front of the cart, and it's also possible with several carriages and horses to run all or part of the bridal party.


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