Who doesn't have a secret wish of taking a relaxing trip in their own private train? We'll help you make this dream a reality!

  • Transport

Krøderbanen drives bridal couples between Krøderen and Vikersund by appointment. We can offer everything from a large steam train with room for 400 passengers to smaller motorcars with 48 seats.

Here is a list of available trains:

  1. Motorcar type 87, vintage 1952 with 48 seats.
  2. Motor- and dolly car type 86/91, vintage 1955 with 130 seats.
  3. Small steam locomotives type 7a, vintage 1892. Two-axle wagons, vintage 1902 and 1908 with 75 seats.
  4. Large steam locomotives type 24b, vintage 1912. Bogie cars, vintage 1890 to 1936 with up to 400 seats.

Krøderbanen was opened in 1872 as a narrow gauge line and was converted to a standard gauge in connection with the Bergen Railway opening in 1909. In 1985, the track was decommissioned as an official NSB line. Since then, the line has been run as a museum by the Norwegian Railway Club and Krøderbanen Foundation. Both the rolling stock and fixed installations along the line are held in an historically accurate style.


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